Insurance Billing

We can usually bill your auto insurance directly for treatments for your auto-related injury.

We must first verify your benefits in order to do so.

Please fill out and submit the Auto Insurance Verification Form below before your first appointment.  It usually takes one business day to verify benefits, occasionally it might take two or three days.

    Patient Information:

    Claim Information:

    Financial Policy - Please Read & Sign Below:

    Once my insurance coverage is verified, Advanced Massage will bill directly to, and accept payment from, the insurance company. Advanced Massage will make all reasonable attempts to collect payments due, however, if they are unable to collect from the insurance company I, the patient, am ultimately responsible for payment within 90 days of all services rendered. I hereby authorize Advanced Massage to obtain information regarding my case from my referring physician. I authorize the release of my medical records to the above insurance company for the express purpose of payment for my medical bill incurred in this office. I also authorize the insurance company or attorney to remit payment directly to Advanced Massage.
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    If your medical insurance provider will reimburse you for massage (and sometimes this is a significant portion of the total cost) please be sure to ask us for the documents that you’ll need to submit your reimbursement claim to them.

    In some cases we can look into billing your insurance company directly.  Please note that if this works it will greatly limit your ability to get a timely appointment:

    • Individual therapists (and not Advanced Massage as a whole) are accredited as providers to medical insurance companies.
    • For medical insurance direct-billed visits this means that only one or some of our therapists will be able to provide service for you; who they are depends on who your insurance company is.
    • Many insurance companies are not accepted at all.
    • This will usually result in a several week lead time for popular late afternoon and evening appointment times, sometimes even longer.

    If you would like to look into direct-billing please call our office during business hours to discuss your options.

    We bill insurance at $34.74 per unit. A unit is 15 minutes of treatment time.