Cupping Massage - image of silicone massage cup being applied to a client's backWhat is Cupping Massage?

Massage cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that has been in use for thousands of years. Modern cupping massage combines massage techniques with “vacuum” therapy.

Although you may have seen or heard of heat being used to create the vacuum, there is no heat involved with our massage cupping. We use modern silicone cups for maximum safety and flexibility.

The Massage Itself

Before the massage, your therapist will discuss with you any trouble spots that you may have or any areas that require specific attention. The massage therapist uses flexible cups to create suction in areas of the body that are experiencing pain and stiffness. The cup draws the blood to the surface and by moving the underlying tissues, reduce restrictions in the muscles and fascia surrounding the soft tissue.

Benefits of Cupping Massage reports that the use of cupping is becoming more popular in Europe and the US in helping to reduce muscle pain and stiffness and increase circulation through the use of suction.

You can book your cupping massage appointment online.