Pregnant woman sitting and holding heart-shaped stone by her belly.
State of the art body support and focused treatments for mom-to-be.

What is a Pregnancy (Maternity) Massage?

A pregnancy massage (sometimes called a maternity massage) is a full body deep tissue or Swedish massage. The difference is that we use state-of-the-art body cushions to provide the maximum possible comfort to the expectant mother.

The pregnancy cushions make it possible for the mother to be able to lay on the table face down, many times into the ninth month of pregnancy. A pregnancy massage also provides relief for the specific stresses and discomforts that pregnancy can bring.

The Massage Itself

In addition to ensuring the comfort of the mom-to-be with special equipment, a pregnancy massage employs a variety of techniques, such as deep tissue and Swedish massage, to address the stresses and pains that arise during pregnancy. For example, effleurage is a Swedish massage technique that can be effective in reducing the swelling that often occurs in the feet and ankles.

Our therapists will discuss with you your specific areas of concern and how firm or gentle you would like the pressure to be.

Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

The body goes through many physical changes that can make pregnancy difficult for the expectant mother to endure. Common issues are low back, hip and ankle pain; a result of the significant changes invoked on the body in such a short period of time. Similar to a sports massage, maternity massage can focus on these areas to provide specific relief.

Massage can also help relieve the tension, stress and anxiety that oftentimes accompany pregnancy.